There are some experts who guard their infinite knowledge and refuse to teach others their supposed secrets. They are afraid that someone will take their job or afraid that people will discover that they really don't really know all that much. Bluster and aggressiveness can cover for a lack of basic knowledge.

Experts with secrets that they are not willing to share are also often not willing to take the challenge to break new ground and find new solutions that will keep them on the cutting edge and ahead of their competition from whom they think they must keep their secrets from.

The truly accomplished are those who train and share their knowledge because they know that in teaching they learn more themselves. Good questions fine tune knowledge just in the explaining. When the teacher does not know the answer to a question it sparks a search for the answer and a growth in knowledge.

The expert who rests solely on his laurels can be left behind by those eager enough to strive for higher skills and knowledge.

The expert that knows it all usually doesn't. He is merely trying to convince himself and others that he does. As the saying goes "A legend in his own mind."

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