Who is Ron Dexter?

A paid cameraman since 1962. Director/Cameraman since 1968.

Owned a TV commercial studio in Hollywood for 20 years.

Owned and/or build most of the production equipment he used in 35mm production.

Mostly shot high-budget network TV commercials on 35-mm film. Clients include Kodak, Ford, Chevy, United, Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Colt 45, Budweiser, Miller, and Busch.

Has shot stop motion time lapse up to 2500 FPS.

Has worked with 30 man Hollywood crews and no-man crews.

Has developed a 250 page web site on equipment and production not published elsewhere.

Has worked with back pack dollies and cranes and Fisher Dollies and Chapman Cranes.

Has trainer of many of his crews.

Has shot in 18 countries, 40 US States.

Has shot objects from diamonds to 747's.

Has shot people from Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra to Michael Gorbachev.

Is a director in DGA (Retired).

Has been a union board member/negotiator and employer of union crews.

Has taught 100's of students and designed a film course for the Irish Government.

Has 2 patents for film equipment.

Co-designer of The Body Mount and Pitching Lens.

Built and promoted "The Dexter Dolly" system and the Dexter Hi Hat.

Built one of the first video assists for Arri IIC, 35-3, and Arri 35 BL, a periscope lens system, tilting front lenses and selectable focus lenses.

Has built cranes and dollies since 1965.

Since retiring has done many no-budget video projects and still teaches.

Is working on Gumby and Davey and Goliath projects at present.

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