Advantages and Disadvantages of Gyro Stabilizers


They can make a much smaller stabilized system. They supply much greater stabilization per pound than inert counterweight.

They have a "mystique" that impresses many people. If you shoot good images, the people paying the bill will think you are worth your pay.


The gyros are expensive, but not in camera terms. They can be rented if you have the mounts already designed and built. Consider working together with a rental company to develop some mounts. Then rent the gyros when you need them. Kenyon rents gyro stabilizers..

They are noisy if you are concerned about sound. If you add a Barney to them, it adds weight where you don't want it. Consider Barifoil or a wrap blanket of sand tubes to help with the sound issue. Watch for resonating metal that the gyro is attached to. Talk to the sound person BEFORE THE SHOOT about a possible sound recording solution for a noisier camera system.

Pan and tilt speed is limited. But I find that smooth moves are slower than this limit.

They take time to get up to speed. (About 12 minutes.) (Time for some technical hoopla talk.)

They require another cable, battery and inverter.

Kenyon Gyros run on 400 Hz. that can leak into sound systems.

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