Gyro Sound Issues

Kenyon gyros run on 400 cycles and it is possible to get contamination in sound and video recording systems. Kenyon shields their recent power cables and ground them at the gyro end of the power cable. I have not had interference problems yet. Because the gyros are noisy, there are limitations with sound recording. A "barney" made out of Barifoil lead foam insulation might quiet them down. CAUTION, the factory warns that the gyros need to dissipate heat and a cover could cause overheating with long running times. Overheating can destroy a gyro. The gyros can transmit mechanical noise to what ever they are attached to, especially thin metal plates. If you try to isolate this transmission of noise, don't sacrifice the stiffness of the mounting the gyro to the camera system. If there is any play, the gyros won't work as well. The quietest camera blimp we ever built for the CM-3 was filled with sand. You might try a jacket of baffled tubes of sand (like a down jacket or sleeping bag) as a sound barney.

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