Kenyon Gyros and Still Lenses

If you have a large enough tripod and head or even a unipod on solid ground, you can shoot with any focal length lens. But if you are in a vehicle or boat, a tripod won't help much. Most important is supporting or holding the camera and gyro combination at the center of gravity or in line with the CG of the combined two.

800mm Lens

Here is a Canon 800mm with a Kenyon KS-8 attached. The gyro is 1/2 the weight of the camera and lens as recommended by Kenyon. Putting the gyro on the bottom conveniently lowers the CG of the lens and gyro to just under the barrel of the lens. The rubber tubing isn't exactly gimbaled at the CG but very close and it's simple. A stop so the tubing couldn't slip backward would be wise; a block of wood and a hose clamp will do. Don't hold the tubing together above the lens. The tubing should be supported from two points to the sides of the lens to lower and limit the contact of the tubing closer to the bottom of the lens barrel at the CG.

500mm Lens

Here is a 500mm mirror that is light enough to handhold and a KS-4 which is powerful enough to stabilize it. I added a shelf bracket to place the left hand lower and forward symmetrical to where the right hand holds the camera. This is symmetrically in line with the CG of the camera, lens and the right hand. The regular Kenyon mounting hardware does not allow thread space to add a bracket here. See Kenyon Mounting Issues. I use my left hand fore finger to focus the lens.

50-300mm Zoom Lense

For a 50-300mm zoom, a cradle is needed to support it at its CG and to attach the gyro. This lens and gyro combination is heavy enough to need a support from above or below.

Still cameras can be supported from below if there is enough flex to allow the gyro to "work" and counteract the movement of the support. Shock mounts will work and should be at or symmetrical to the CG of the lens and gyro. If you are working both on and off a tripod, a quick release is handy. Your isolation mount can be added when you need to use the gyro. A special carrying bag for the gyro is wise. The gyro and isolation mount could have the quick release attached, to switch from one to the other as required.

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