Kenyon Wiring

All Kenyon gyros are wired fool-proof from the factory. If you make a WYE adapter on the end of the factory gyro cable, you can run two units with one cable. I suggest 3-pin Cinch-Jones plugs or other 3-pin plugs, not the Lemo which are difficult to wire. The Cinch-Jones plugs are not completely shielded, but are easy to wire, break-away and cheap. You will have to find a good electronics supplier that carries them. Radio Shack has the two wire models, but nothing else

Request the rubber strain reliefs from the factory so you can wire a short jumper on the gyro. Then you can unsolder the factory cable and leave it intact without cutting it. You can then attach a female line jack on the end and use the 3-way WYE adapter or wire in 2 female jacks directly. This allows using one cable and buying a one outlet 400 inverter.

My original Kenyon had the two wire round Cinch-Jones plugs. Kenyon used the locking ring Cinch-Jones two-pin plugs for 400 Hz to avoid a confusion. I often use two gyros and to clean up the wiring mess, put short cables on the gyro with a WYE adapter and different length coiled cables to the converter.

WARNING! You want your cables to be foolproof like the factory wiring system. If you change cables make sure that the Cinch-Jones 2-pin plugs cables do not get plugged into the wrong power source. I use camera batteries and put XLR-4 plugs on the inverter power cable. If you can find the 2-pin locking ring, Cinch-Jones plugs or use the factory ones you can't plug-in the wrong outlet in the flurry of shooting.

See the Kenyon website for more information.

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