Paupers Follow Spot and Effects Light

Old slide projectors make great effects lights better than modified freznel studio lights. For an effects light make a platform to fit the bale of an old 2K. Make the platform deep enough so that the projector's center of gravity is below the pivot of the bale. A 2K stand will work well. Unexposed slides will make mattes. Many of the upright film strip style projectors will take various metal mattes in from the sides.

For a follow spot for stage work, make a 12" x 12" platform that will attach to as tripod head on a solid set of legs. A 3/8"-16 "tee" nut will put threads in the plywood. Strap the projector down and make a set of mattes for different size patterns. .050 of thicker aluminum or brass works well. Clamp the stock well as drills can spin the material and cut you. Make all of your holes before cutting to size. Chassis punches work if available. Stepped drills and reamers will work if the shim stock is clamped against a wood block. Cut to 2" x 4" slide sizes to fit a carousel projector or 2" x2" for any other projector slide carrier. Cut to size after drilling holes. Unexposed slides will also work.

You can soften the edges of the pattern with focus.

To determine the size of image: I/fl = O/distance or image/focal length = pattern/distance

A 1/2" hole in a matte with a 4 " lens (100 mm) will give a 1 foot pattern at 8 feet.

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