Tripods and Rugs

Unless you have a very sharp spike on a heavy tripod, shooting is a problem on rugs, especially with longer lenses. Spreaders (triangles) don't help much as they can also slip around.

Here is a solution: Cut a piece of plywood about 7 inches square. Drill some very small straight holes one inch in from two adjacent corners and one opposite in a triangle pattern.

If you have a tripod with spikes, drill a 3/8" hole in the middle of the square. If you have a round tip tripod, drill a snug hole and cap of the bottom with a strap of metal, such as an flat angle bracket from the lumber yard where you got the scraps of plywood.

Drive some #4 box nails in the holes. (The holes help drive the nails straight.) Drill some extra holes as they get loose with use.

The nails will go through the rug (and not hurt it) into or in contact with the floor below.

Put the two nail side away from the center of the tripod for stability.

If you are in a house with a anxious owner, you will have to diplomatically explain what your are doing. If there is a hard wood floor under the rug, you can damage it. Concrete and subfloor will be OK.

Be careful with these nails after use. They can be pounded slightly together for your protection.

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