Travel Health and Comfort

Feeling good is important. Preparation is helpful. Build a good intestinal flora with acidopholus (non-refrigerated) might help.

Jet Lag: Napping and getting up for a few hours for the new time zone can help. On the flight, eat light, drink water, take a pill to sleep if possible, exercise. I think "No Jet Lag" pills work.

Plane health: Wear loose shoes, your feet can swell, take Vitamin. C, keep warm, walk around, bring ear plugs and maybe industrial hearing protectors (they have other uses), bring a surgical mask if you end up next to a coughing, sneezing sickee. Don't be polite about YOUR health.

I use Excedrin PM for a few nights after arriving to insure sleep or after a stressful day.

Hotel rooms can be cold before winter is officially declared and heat turned on. Get extra blankets before they are all spoken for.

Hot water is often used as fast as it is attempted to be heated. Be careful about lathering up and hoping for it getting warmer.

Select rooms away from elevators, street noise, etc. Windows on the street can offer photo possibilities.

Having an older bladder, I flush out my system in the evening and at night and go easy on liquids during the day to avoid looking for a place to go.

I believe that our own attitude effects our health. Complaining and not accepting conditions as they are can make you sick. Keep an optimistic attitude and look for the better. I have watched complainers and the over cautious get sick and the optimistic survive on local street food. I don't suggest carelessness in food or water.

Do wash hands when able. Keep your hands out of your eyes. If you are showing people your pix in the viewfinder, use peroxide or alcohol to clean it. If you wear glasses you have better protection.

It is an insult to not shake hands where appropriate. Wash before you eat if possible.

Eating and drinking offered hospitality is a delicate issue.

I have personally and others I worked with gotten sick on special farewell dinners so often that I bowed out complaining exhaustion. This has happened in some very good restaurants all over the world.

Spare glasses. Vitamin C handy. Blisters or broken in shoes. Changes of damp socks to avoid blisters.

Pills for diaherra, sleep, colds, constipation, pain, etc.

A wash rag, larger soap and small towel are handy. Zip Loc bag for wet wash rag. Zip Log bags show contents.

A small lock deters petty rummaging through your bag. I don't know if it is insulting.

A light down jacket and pillowcase may be better than supplied pillows.

Shower shoes are great in 1 and 2 star hotels to avoid fungi.

Too many different places and pockets for things make them harder to find.

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