Wardrobe for a "real people" look

Real people often have the right clothes, but think that they have should dress up for camera. Make sure they bring their old stuff including shoes. For kids, their sibling's stuff is often good. Over size stuff and even under size stuff look real.

Things on adults are better oversize than under. They look comfortable.

Don't try to fade synthetic fabrics, they won't. Cotton will to some extent. The sun is the best fader. (Takes days to weeks). For cottons add the bleach to the water, not on top of clothes unless you want a tie-dyed look.

Consider old bowling shirts or team shirts, faded stuff with name tags.

Hats make a big difference. Have a collection available. Look for them when you travel. Have some desirable ones for trading for a great aged one on someone's head.

Sweat marks on hats help. Sweatbands help sports bits.

Uniform Patches. Police, utility, ranger, and repair patches need some thought. A generic name, but realistic helps. Tri-City Sheriff's Dept. Department of Water and Power, (no city name), State Parks Regional Ranger, Dexter's Plumbing (you have a source for the name if there is another Dexter's Plumbing). Definitely sew patches on if seen very closely. Taped on patches may come off during the shot and will look fake close-up. Wash sewn-on patches. Some people are happy to let you use their name such as flower stores, real estate companies. Be careful with any government uniforms. They can be a no-no in commercials.

Glasses are a big deal and different styles make a difference.

Stuff in pockets. What belongs and what might end up there. Avoid only the expected stuff.

Belts, worn, ones that fit people's personality. Buckles are important, especially manly ones.

Shirts that hang out. Roll up sleeves. Shirt or jacket over shoulder. Tied around waist. Mussed up helped. Unbuttoned.

A watch. Is it appropriate? Jewelry or lack of it can make difference. A wedding ring makes a man look reliable.

New baby clothes are very expensive and look new. Start at thrift shops.
Be prepared to deal with nipples, especially in the cold. Some people think that women don't have them. Careful padding can help the problem, but much time can be wasted dealing with it.

Each wardrobe person has their own relationship with stores and what they can take out on approval.Abusing the privilege of taking stuff on approval from stores will make the whole process more difficult.

I personally feel that there is a lot of wardrobe that is right and some that is wrong. Much of it is personal taste.

Sometimes a red or yellow shirt will reflect light on a person next to them. It's OK is the color is seen in the camera frame, but in a close-up a weird color fill light will look bad.

Sweat should be added on the breastbone and armpits. It dries quickly.

Umbrellas can be a nice touch.

If people's hands are nervous, consider hand props to give people something to do with their hands.

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