Shooting Musical Events

When you get to editing you will discover things that you might not have thought about while shooting. You usually need good music tracks that are complete songs. Some options.

Live music with important people talking. Because you also hear music you will need that song complete either from the mic on the person talking or splice in music from another track or camera, which is harder to do. If you are limited to one camera, editing will very hard.

Option: a camera on the key speaking person all the time for some coverage of them and a complete sound track of the music. You can cut away to anyone even if they are talking or to a band if you can cut in on a beat and use very short cuts.

Option: a camera or sound recorder only on the band. You can get a clean track, but will not get enough hub-bub to be believable. You won't be able to cut in any sync sound if there is music also going. (Hub-bub is mingled voices with no distinct one.)

Record a hub-bub track without music if you can featuring no one. It can be mixed with a clean band track in editing.

Remember that picture cut-a-ways can used anywhere relevant.

In editing I build a music and picture track first considering how many desired actions and cut-a-ways I have to make a good edit. Then I see what will fit where. I almost always use two cameras and sometimes a sound recorder for important solos, choir or band numbers. A VHS deck with Mic In can be an unattended 2-hour sound recorder. Cassette decks won't record over 45 plus minutes unless they have instant reverse.

SHOOT LOTS OF CUT-A-WAYS. They make a program more interesting and can solve a lot of editing problems.

If the group has records, CDs or tapes you can get them for a cleaner track or do a non-sync edit if nothing important is being said.

Consider reprising an action if it is important and well covered. If the tape is for people's enjoyment, make the most of memorable happenings and don't worry as much about strict continuity of the event.

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