Donated Equipment Agreement

I lend and use my equipment for recording a lot of no budget events. I am always concerned about major loss and damage that I might be stuck with. If you do pro-bono work, here is a sample agreement that you might use to put the responsible on the persons benefiting from your generosity. It might also give some value to your time and expertise, which is often ignored.


I _____________________, the RENTER, am renting the following equipment from (your name) for $1.00 per day. For this generous rate I am accepting the following rental conditions:

1. The "renter" for this contract is the person, persons or group for whom the work is performed by the equipment.

2. The renter in responsible for the equipment listed below from pick-up to return.

3. If the renter assigns a representative (cameraperson or other) to pick-up, use, possess and return the equipment, the renter is still responsible for the equipment.

4.The renter is responsible for any damage to or failure of the equipment between check out and return to (your name).

5. The renter or their representative has checked the equipment for proper operation, noting any problems. The renter will NOT be responsible for problems with the equipment noted below at checkout when the equipment is returned.

6. If the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, it will be replaced by the renter with like or better condition equipment of the same type or a mutually agreed upon replacement.

7. If the equipment is damaged or fails to function as it did when checked out it, it is the renter's responsibility to pay for the repairs.

8. No repairs will be attempted without (Your name's) approval.

9. The equipment will be returned and checked back in as soon as possible at (your name's) convenience.

10. If the above conditions are not met or are not acceptable, prevailing (your local) rental and repair rates and conditions apply.

11. (Your name) does NOT insure or provide insurance of the equipment for the renter.

List of equipment noting existing problems or malfunctions.


Signed by, ___________________________________________________

Position (if organization)___________________________________________________

Signed by Representative at check-out ___________________________________

Date Equipment Out___________________Return Date ______________________

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