DV Cranes and Dollies Preface

I have used Chapman, Fisher and other studio cranes and dollies for over 35 years. They were the standard of the motion picture and TV industry and still are. I also built my own cranes, dollies, rigs, camera supports and camera stabilization devices for my own shoots when regular studio equipment was not in the budget or wouldn't do the job.

The advent of the light weight DV camera has made possible much lighter weight cranes. There are some very good ones out there and some poorly designed and made ones. I have built several for friends up to 20 feet long. One local cameraman has developed a well designed but reasonably priced crane with my help. I am not in the business of selling equipment any more, but can direct you to his web site. www.DVMoves.com. He is also selling dolly trucks with and without wheels.

The feeling of speed of a dolly shot depends on the distance of the nearest objects to camera, the focal length, whether the camera zooms and the feel desired for the shot. An action picture would demand much different treatment than a romantic story shot in nature.

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