How to Make a Skateboard Dolly Platform and Box Seat

Buy a good quality sheet of 4'x8'x3/4" plywood with exterior glue. More plys are better, but finished only on one side is OK. Don't use pressed board, it's heavy and hard to work with. If you don't have a skill saw or table saw, have the lumberyard cut the plywood. If you have a skill saw you will need a straight 6 foot guide and clamps to make straight cuts.

Make cuts in this order. Study the cutting pattern before starting and refer to it as you cut.

1. Cut a piece 24" x 48" piece from one end.
2. Cut a 12" x 24" piece from one end of the above 24" x 48" piece. This is waste. (Save it.)
3. Cut a 14" x 36" piece from the 24" x 36" piece.
4. Cut two 12" x 14" Box Ends from the above piece.
5. Cut three 4" x 14" tripod sockets from the rest.
6. Now cut a 12"x 72" piece from the large remaining piece.
7. Cut the 12" x 72" piece into three 12" x 24" box sides and bottom.
8. Cut the 36" x 72" piece into two dolly platforms 36" x 36".

To layout the tripod socket board position use a pencil, string and push pin.

1. Draw a line parallel to the side of the dolly platform X" from the right side facing the front of the dolly.
2. Measure X" from the front of the dolly.
3. Draw a X" circle around the above measurements.
4. With the same radius divide the circle into 6 parts starting at the back or front of the platform on the straight line parallel to the side. These are the centers of the tripod sockets.

Cut handle holes in the box ends with a 1" or larger wood drill and keyhole or saber saw. Put scrap wood under holes to avoid break through. (Chipper or Forstener Bits work well.) Sand the edges of the handle holes only. (Don't sand the rest of the box until you have finished the box. You want as much surface on the edges to glue and screw to.)

To assemble the operator's seat box, glue and drywall screw the bottom to the two sides so the box is only 12" wide. (Use Gorilla glue or similar.) Drill pilot holes 3/8" from the edges of the bottom so the screws end up centered in the sides. (Use a drill press or drill guide to assure the holes are vertical.) Use long clamps and the 12" wide waste piece at right angles to make your corners 90 degrees. Screw and glue one side and let glue set before doing the other side.

Attach the box ends to the box with the ends extending BELOW the bottom of the box. This leaves room to clamp or bolt the box to the dolly platform.

To make the tripod sockets, clamp and drill the 3 tripod socket boards with a drill to fit the bottom of your tripod legs. Put scrap plywood under to avoid rough breakthrough of the bit. Select a bit that the bottoms of your tripod fit tightly.

Once the platform has the sockets screwed down find the center of gravity and cut a handle hole or attach a handle for carrying the platform and tying the tripod down.
Sand all the rough edges of the platform and box and paint or stain and varnish. (Stain alone will not hold up.) Drill a 3/8" hole in the four corners of the platform X" from the edges to attach the dolly trucks.

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