General Equipment Tips

Don't use WD 40 on galvanized steel, it will corrode it.

Don't lubricate most twist tripod legs clamps. They work well dry or with a little graphite.

Wash with fresh water anything that has been in or near salt water.

Paint or varnish wood to avoid deterioration and splinters. Remove sharp edges that can injure.

Use quality plywood for rigs and camera mounting. Marine ply is expensive but much stronger. "Tee" nuts work very well for putting threads in plywood. They can be placed in patterns for Speed Rail floor and wall flanges to attach pipes. Drill holes for drywall screws to limit damage.

æ" water pipe in a steel or Speed Rail floor flange will fit 1-1/8" junior stand well.

Speed Rail flanges can be drilled for dry wall screws for attaching to wood.

Mark equipment for repair before the next job.

Color code tools and equipment for different uses and storage.

Make a place for each item to allow fast finding and easy inventory.

Make rigs easy to modify for later usage.

Try to keep rig parts together that work together. If parts are removed, label what's missing and where to find them.

Name rigs, processes and tricks to aid in future communication. Catchy names are OK.

Make lists and descriptions of problems and solutions for future use. We forget.

Back up any equipment or process with spares or alternates if possible. Things are often different when you get to the job.

Don't assume that things will be available on location. They don't use EMT electrical tube in Miami. (They use PVC and its called electrical tube.)

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