Lens Mounts and Adapters for Motion Picture Cameras

Few adapters will support heavy lense such as zooms and telephotos. Telephoto lenses will tolerate sloppy seating in the lens mount, but wide angle and zooms need very accurate seating. Lens supports on zooms and telephotos insure good seating and protect the mount from damage because of lens weight and possible strain.

BNCR The strongest / excellent seating
Panavision Very strong / excellent seating
Arri Straight Weak / sloppy seating

Arri Bayonette
Stronger / very good seating
Arri PL Very strong / excellent seating
Eclair Strong / very good seating
Aaton Adaptable to many
16 mm "C" Strong for size / very good seating
Century Optics Strong very / good seating

The Adapters
Camera Lens Comments
Mitchell BNCR Arri Straight OK for light lenses
Focus wing problems
Not all lenses clear
Mirror Shutter
Mitchell BNCR Arri Bayonette Stronger than above
Focus wing problems
Mitchell Rack Over Turret will convert to almost any MP lens mount
"Hard Front" Arri II's Many lenses for BNCR won't fit Arri II BNCR Mount Cameras
Arri PL Arri Straight OK for light lenses
Arri IIC/B/A/Nikon Mount Nikon OK for light lenses
Focus Backwards

Arri IIC/B/A/Nikon Mount Arri Straight Set screws damage lens
Remove exposure ears
Arri III/Nikon Mount Nikon

OK for light lenses
Focus Backwards
Remove Exposure Ears
Not needed
Eclair CM3 Arri Straight OK for light lenses
16mm "C" Mount Arri Straight
OK for light lenses
Birns & Sawyer
16mm "C' Mount Canon/Nikon/Other Still Cameras OK but lenses are not designed for smaller format, and image suffers
Various Manufacturers

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