Low POV Rig

Here is a simple rig that can give a close to the ground shot over rough ground. The cord around the wrist (1) is the connection system (CS) and part of the isolation system (IS). The thumb (2) and forefinger (3) guide the camera close to the CG (4). The CG is below where the cord attaches that is wrapped around the wrist. This allows gravity to help keep the horizon level. My arm is the rest of the isolation system (IS) and support system.


3/4 inch threaded PVC fittings (5) allow for tilt adjustments. The counter weights (6) here are less than 4 ounces each. For lighter camcorders the diagonal pipes (7) can be the thinnest PVC water pipe (125# or 200#) available. The lower threaded fittings are all thick wall PVC. Teflon plumbing tape keeps the tilt joint (5) from binding.

Do not cement the 45 degree fittings (8) that attach to the tee above the camera to allow side to side adjustment to level the horizon of the camera.

I used a 3/4" PVC cross (9) for a platform to attach the camera to.

You might also consider an additional safety strap to your wrist if you don't trust your fittings. Of course practice before using on an important job. A viewfinder isn't usually necessary, but will be great when helmet finders become reasonable.

This rig can be enlarged for a light weigh 16 or 35 mm film camera. Keep the connecting cord close to the camera to keep the total rig weight down. 1" aluminum tube or 3/4" "Speed Rail" aluminum pipe would be strong enough. 3/4" PVC pipe might be too light for a heavier film or video camera. 1" PVC might be OK.

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