Computerized Map Sources

"De Lorme Topo USA" is a Windows or Mac computerized source for the whole USA for $100. list and much cheaper from Forestry Suppliers ($54.00). I found the resolution not nearly as good as a USGS Topo map. But the convenience and amount of maps you get per dollar is very good.

Forestry Suppliers also sells a much higher grade of Windows computerized map system that costs more, but should be a very good. Small states are only $49.00 but California is in three sets for about $300.00 each and larger states around $300.00. Considering what the individual maps would cost it is probably a bargain, if you shoot in a lot of different areas. Storage and convenience is also a factor. "Terrain Navigator USGS Topographic Maps on CD ROM". Forestry Suppliers, 1-800-543-4203.

I will share any sources and ideas you have on other sources.

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