Camera Car Tricks

Three axle camera cars are smoother going over bumps because 5 wheels are always on the ground when one tire goes over a bump. These cars are not as good on rough ground because, on most, only one axle drives.

Video monitors of the video assist helps the driver. Well shaded 4" to 6 " are fine. They can usually be run off the car's battery.


Camera car hardware relies mostly on parallel bars with very tight fittings on 2" OD (outside diameter) tube. (See tube and pipe). Not many camera cars use triangular bracing. I have made some adapters that make 2" (2-3/8" OD) Speed Rail fittings useful with 2" IPS aluminum pipe. These are 2" diameter scaffold fittings welded to 6" stubs of 2" IPS pipe. I use 1-1/4 pipe and scaffold crossed for triangular bracing. The new Doughty fittings will adjust from 1-1/4 IPS pipe to 2" OD tube. Industrial Metals has the Doughty line which Hollander Mfg. has taken over. In Europe the stuff may be a little more reasonable.

(See Intercom System )
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