Shooting babies 2 to 7 months old.

Most babies from 2 to 4 months don't react to much of the outside world. They look at lights and sometimes respond to mom or strangers. If they do smile (if you can call it a smile), it will fade quickly especially if the person holding the kid moves.

After 4 months they smile for mom and sometimes strangers. At 6 months they begin to have some personality. At 4 to 6 months they find their hands and may suck on them.

There is a large difference in weights, heights and development. Some 6 and 7 months olds are still look like 4 month olds, but have personality. Twins are often behind in development.

There is a large difference in amount of hair, sleeping habits, what will put them to sleep, and how they react to strange environments and people.

For 4 month olds, we covered the camera to avoid looks toward the operator, lights and any detail in our direction.

We used mom very close by to keep the kids attention toward the non-mom talent. If the real mom is in line of sight of the stage mom's face looks will be acceptable if the kid doesn't reach out to go to the real mom.

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