Location Problems from the Past

Cook didn't show for early breakfast.

The grill was not hot, ready to cook orders.

People ordered Eggs Benedict that takes extra time. Separate checks take time. It's probably cheaper for production to buy. A buffet works well. We sometimes have the lunch caterer fix breakfast for us. 30 min. before pull away. Sometimes in the parking lot. Arriving early to eat is optional. Clock starts with call time and pull-away.

Shoot runs over, motel rooms are booked by others.

Two film shoots in same area.

Two film shoots on same radio freq.

Weather. Plan for worst. Have alternate solutions before the problem arises.

Vehicle breakdown. Have a plan before it happens. What is the essential equipment? For a caravan not under your control, make sure that someone knows what is needed to get next few shots if a vehicle breaks down.

Lost keys. Left in ignition of locked car. Or on floor. Maybe make extra sets.

Stolen equipment. Even rent-a-cops can't always watch everything. Close truck doors. Keep cases closed.

Company or stranger vehicles parked in shot. Smaller vehicles can be moved with hydraulic floor jacks.

No parking signs are torn down over night.

Company vehicles towed even though our city no-parking signs were posted for us.

No skid chains in winter. No tow rope.

No jumper cables or ones were too small. They should be heavy. They may say "heavy duty", but not be. Auto parts stores will have better ones than a grocery or drug store.

Misplaced anything. MAKE LISTS! CHECK THEM! Under the pressure minds get mushy.

Errors on call sheets and maps. Triple check. Signs change, are missing, roads move, road numbers change, and roads are blocked.

People get lost. Few people are good map-readers. Caravan with instructed drivers.

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