Some More "Lack of Control" Examples While Shooting on Location

Most of these problems are from overseas, but can happen at home. I personally find it frustrating because you don't usually have enough time to find out what local customs are. Our direct methods are often counter to local custom.

Talent plastering on make-up after you have approved less make-up. Then having it plastered back on because they don't want to be seen on TV any other way.

Mothers in the shot cleaning a kid's shoes while you are trying to shoot a close-up.

A worker playing a worker bringing only his best clothes after you have approved his work clothes because he wants to look good on TV.

Mothers directing their kids to do what they think the director want. Then as things are starting to happen someone else runs in with more instructions. Often you can't clear the set of "necessary" people.

Dead batteries for the sun-guns.

The reflectors haven't been covered with foil yet when you ask for them.

They didn't find all the cables that they thought that they could obtain for power.

It takes 6 hours to block a boat shot because you have to block shot by radio in 3 different languages.

A location move takes an extra 2 hours because of a 35-man local crew.

Make-up takes forever even though you ask for none.

Locals decide to do things that interfere just as you are ready to shoot. And you wait until they are finished.

You asked if the generators were crystal controlled and were assured they are, but not for the HMI lights that you added to the order. "Don't you have an AC sync camera motor to run off the generator like we do?"

No matter how many times that you ask, things will not make it onto the truck. Be prepared to make do and not loose your cool. Getting crazy will only burn holes in your stomach that the food hasn't already.

Things seem to happen more punctually in the colder climates. Some societies take everything more casually. You aren't going to change them during your short stay.

"We didn't think that your 35 cases of equipment would be so large."

"The assistant plugged the 110 volt battery chargers into 220, but didn't fry all of them because he smelled smoke."

"You should have known that the local custom is for "Producer" to be arrested and bailed out in lieu of a permit." You should have hired a flunkie to be the "Producer" to spend a few hours at the police station. (Rome).

Work stops in the middle of shooting because it is "Tea Time".

The crew is fed breakfast before work starts on a sunrise shot. Local custom.

Premium time starts before 9:00 AM and after 6:00 PM.

You are supposed to supply rain gear if you really insist on shooting in the rain.

Local Walkie-Talkies are often bad. We only got to use the ones we took in one country (probably illegally).

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