Shooting on High

Hire an experienced rock climber to worry exclusively about safety. All the hassles of shooting is no time for any slip-ups. Rigging a ladder to shoot from if less that 90 degrees is often wise. Make sure that the ladder is not supported in its middle.

If you have to shoot from a hanging position, consider a circus ladder. They are a little easier than Jumaring up and down a rope for people not use to Jumaring. Either is very tiring if you are not used to it and are out of shape. The ladder will not spin as a single rope can. A belay line to the climber above or below can keep you from spinning. Even if you are stationary when stopped trying to pan may be difficult with a single rope.

For actors rappelling or high diving try to find a route that can be climbed easier than going back up a rope ladder or Jumaring. A long way around may still take less energy.

Use descending rings and not rope for friction breaks. Friction will melt nylon and wear through fiber material.

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