Rigging Camera Check List

Does camera car driver know what you are doing? What should he bring?

Do you have camera car specs?

Do you need an arm?

What is the best tripod head for the job?

Do you have small sunshade or matte box attached to the lens to avoid using bridge plate, matte box rods, big matte box etc? Consider weight and wind resistance.

Will a cheaper camera do the job and not tie up the regular camera?

Is an Arri III or II C quiet enough for a sync. hood shot through the windshield?

Can anything blow into frame when the vehicle moves?

Are cables taped down? Leave end of tape doubled over to make easier to remove.

Do you have spare stuff on camera car? Mags, tools, straps, filters, etc.

Do you have remote camera on/off capabilities? At least a switch on a long power cable. Better yet, for the Arri III or SR a switch to the accessory plug. Plan for when you can save film. Timing a shot by watch can tell you how much film you have shot.

Can the actor, driver, or sound mixer turn on camera? Remind them each time by radio to turn it off. A long extension camera power cable should be 12 or 14 guage to avoid line loss.

Polaroid filters for reflections in windows or paint. Check for stress patterns in windows seen by Polaroid filters. Check for strange effects in the paint. Remember the filter factor for polaroid filters, 1-1/2 to 2 stops. Check with spot meter with and without the filter looking at the same object. Keep the filter against the meter to avoid stray light reflected off the filter.

Would a split diopter work for profile shots of people in the front seat?

Check in camera for pieces of rig, microphone, cables, tape, lights, reflections, camera shadows, loose gels. Consider what happens when the car moves and changes direction. Consider the wind.

What is revealed when the car moves?

Does driver need radio? On another channel? Air conditioning? Heat? Windows work?

Can driver see clearly?

Who operates video assist?

Do you have enough ground clearance with people in car?

Is engine noise a problem? Should you tow?

Retighten rig after a few runs.

Does shot have feeling of motion? Closer to ground and foliage increased sense. Profile shots appear faster than or straight on. Broken light shadows on the car helps.

Sync. Between MHI power source and camera. Crystal? An old sync. camera motor can run off a non crystal generator if the generator is close to correct frequency. You can run into this overseas.

Close the eyepiece.

Have you done a radio check?

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