Tools For Rigging

Crescent wrenches, channel locks, vice grips and pliers do major damage to bolts and nuts. In addition they do not torque a nut properly. Always use the right tools, such as box and socket wrenches to prolong the life of your fittings and equipment.

3/16" and 5/16" allen wrenches. Bent and "tee" handle. For Speed Rail and Kee Klamp fittings.

3/8" drive ratchet driver with 3/16" and 5/16" allen wrench sockets

3/8" drive, 9/16" deep well socket wrench for 3/8" hex nuts

"13/16" , 7/8" or 3/4" deep well socket wrench to fit your size of scaffold clamps. 3/8" drive sockets are large enough for our uses. I change the supplied 1/2"-13 scaffold fitting nuts to 3/4" nuts. Most are 13/16", which is spark plug size. A few are 7/8".

For major rigging, a 3/8" drive air wrench and air source.

A combination all-in-one allen wrench set covering 3/16" and 5/16", this will not replace your bent allen wrenches. They won't fit all situations.

A stiff measuring tape. One that will support itself at a distance.

A 9/16" combination box/open end wrench for 3/8" hex nuts and bolts.

A 13/16" or 3/4" combination box/open end wrench to fit your size of scaffold fittings. Deep well sockets are better yet, but bulkier and heavier. 3/8" drive is OK.

A pipe cutter, round and flat files to file pipe ends. A deburing tool works well on the inside of pipe.

A pipe reamer is helpful for a lot of pipe. The pipe cutter does make a large internal burr that is hard to file off. To cut aluminum pipe in quantity, a circular "chop" cut off saw with a metal cutting carbide blade does a nice job. You should cut your pipe BEFORE you anodize, it will save wear on the saw. Anodizing is a hard metal coating that is electrically deposited on the pipe. Some anodizing is non-conductive to electricity.

Gloves for handling the pipe. You can get aluminum poisoning from handling bare aluminum pipe. It can be absorbed through your skin.

Long pants and real shoes are often wise for safety.

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