To Make a Sun Position Monograph of the Sun

This is for Microsoft Word

Set your computer font size to 10

Line one. Space 7 spaces, type 0, 2 spaces 5, one space 10, one space 15, etc. up to 90. (every 5 degrees)

Line 2 space 45 space ------------------------- up to below 90 of line #1

Line 3 space 50 space ------------------------- " " " " " "

Line 4 space 55 etc. to

Line 13 NO Space 100 ------------------------

Repeat up to 310

Last line, repeat line one

Save this program and print out some spares

With a ruler draw narrow lines from 0 to 0 and each 15 degree height increments to 90.

Print out a "true" Sun Path reports for December 23, mid winter when the sun is as "far south" as it will be during the year. Place a dot for every hour at the right height /altitude and compass angle /azimuth for the sun's position for the whole day. Join these dots and write the time of each hour closely above each dot. See sample.

Repeat this for March 21 (or Sept.23), June 23, April 22, and Feb. 18

Now you have a graph of the sun's position for 5 major differences during the year.

This is your seat-of-the-pants sun locator. Find true south and this graph will accurately place the sun in the sky with no instruments if you have learned the previous skills.

I have avoided the "Sun Path" programs graph because it changes scale for different dates of the years and gives a distorted view of the sun's path.

Stand facing true south. This graph is a representation of the sky in front of you. The sun rises somewhere in the East to your left, reaches a maximum height in the South at sun noon and sets on your right somewhere in the West. (See General Sun Information)

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