Sun and Map Instrument Suppliers

Celestaire, A source for Davis #063 Course Protractor #4402 @ $6.00 or Davis #071 3 Arm Protractor and C-Thru #1500-15 Clear Parallel Rules #4306 for $6.95. You only need one protractor and parallel rules for map reading. They also have many books on navigation, mapping and history.

The Celestaire 5" Square Protractor # 4405 and a clear plastic ruler with line from end to end in its middle will make a accurate clinometer. Just add a small bolt or tack with an eraser in the middle and a counter weight to the bottom of the ruler. (See Homemade Clinometer)

C Thru Ruler Company,, makes two course protractors: #CA-9 Grid Compass Course Protractor for $8.50 and #255A 360 degree Compass Protractor with Arm for $2.50. They also make #1500-12 Folding Parallel Rule, 12". Also handy are #259 4" 360 degree Circular Protractor 4" for $1.50 or #255 360 Degree Protractor for @1.10. Get 2 or 3 of these circular protractors for a sundial and homemade clinometer. They will advise you of their dealers.

The C Thru #CA-9 Grid Compass Course Protractor will also make a good CLINOMETER. Just add a weight to the arm, replace the center grommet with a small bolt and calibrate where the weight goes with a level. (Buy two because one will be on your map.)

Local nautical navigation suppliers will also have the course protractors and parallel rules.

Forestry Suppliers at 800 647-5368 have a great selection compasses, clinometers and good prices.

Forestry Suppliers compass stock numbers:

37182 Suunto Navigator MC-2D/MM / built in clinometer (azimuth) $37.00

37185 Suunto " MC-2DAZ/IN / built in clinometer (azimuth) $37.00

37166 Suunto Pro. MC-1D / built in clinometer (azimuth) $37.00

37160 Suunto Pro. MC-1D/IN / built in clinometer (azimuth) $37.00

(These compasses with built in clinometers are OK, but the clinometers are not as easy to use as the Suunto Tandum or an Abney Level.)

37036 Silva Ranger (azimuth) / built in clinometer $44.00

37023 Silva Challenger no clinometer (make your own) $17.00

37021 Suunto Vista KB-20. Easiest to use, has no clinometer. $45.00 I recommend this one if you can't afford the Tandem listed below. (See Homemade Clinometer)

37021-B or 37022 Suunto Vista. $45.00

Compass/clinometer numbers Expensive but very good tools, less than $200.

31192 Suunto Tandem (DO NOT get quadrant models!) $170.

31193 Suunto Tandem/ Declination Adjustment (Make sure you understands true/magnetic north problems) $177.

31191 Suunto-The Twin Compass/Clinometer $184.

31999 Brunton Compass/Clinometer $184.

43830 Suunto Clinometer PM-5/360PC $105.00

43922 Abney Level PEC (About $60.00)

If you order from Forestry Suppliers, also get some Protractors.

Get 2 or 3 Solid Center Circles 4" dia. #47898 ($1.50 ea.)

And a 6" Ruler # 47450 ($.90) to make a home made clinometer and homemade transit.

There may be more brands and suppliers out there that I don't know about. I would appreciate hearing about any other sources.

Your Local Drafting Store should have adjustable triangles, 360 degree protractors, straight edges, parallel rules.

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