Suppliers for non-studio Lights, Rigging Hardware etc. MR-11 and MR-16 lights and sockets, gear motors, fans, connectors, transformers, cables, power supplies and lots of electronics. In L.A. Motors, gear motors, fans, lights, optics, transformers, constant voltage transformers, drawer slides, mechanical slides, optics, power supplies, and other good stuff. In Pasadena, CA. Much of the same stuff as C and H Sales. Mostly hydraulics, gear motors, relays, motors and good mechanical parts, Electronic specialties. Batteries, chargers, videotape, camcorder accessories, microphones, headphones, A-V cables and consumer electronics. 3500 pages of tools, and materials for industry. Very fast service and almost everything they list is in stock. If your time is worth anything this is the first place to look. They probably have what you want. Their index is one of the best in the business. You can call something by many different names and still find it. By looking in the department where you think that something might be found, there are probably other solutions that you never dreamed of. Modern Studio Equipment in my opinion makes the best professional grip and rigging equipment in the industry. Seno listens to the grips and solves their problems with innovative engineering skill. His equipment design is always a very good compromise between strength, weight, and function something some other manufacturers miss. I though I had a lot of original ideas, but Seno has me beat.

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