Overhead Gyro Support Issues

Finding overhead attachment points for a camera/gyro or camera counterweight system is a problem inside most vehicles. In cars there are seat belt attachment points, handles and existing or accessory roof racks, if the door can remain open. Rarely are there attachment points exactly where you want them for convenient operating and shooting angles and also for support for the operator's arms. One option is building a frame that rests on the floor and maybe against the ceiling. Frames can be made of EMT conduit with telescoping fittings. (See Telescoping Pipe and Tube) You might use heavier PVC or Speed Rail ©. Be careful of tearing or damaging your wife's or friend's van headliner. You can anchor a "horse" to the removed seat attachment brackets. Tensioned between the floor and the open door frame is a possibility. Support for the bungee or rubber tubing can have some flex and not effect stability of the camera system. For body supported systems there should be no flex between the operator's body and the body harness.

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